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Ann Jelich 1974 CA
Ted Joseph 1969 VA
Eb Bryd 1959 OR
John Parker Fac CA
DeAnn Spratt 1976 FL
Stephen Christ 1969 VA
Scott Alexander 1967 TX
George Weaklim 1966 CO
Elizabeth Corey 1976 FL
Steve Luce 1972 CA
Chuck Webster 1971 TN
Cindy Slagle 1974 FL
Lynne Scott 1974 TX
Mai Galpin 1983 Canada
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Militza Culbertson '66
Khris Keithley '75
George Gundacker (Fac)
Ed Polk '69
Mario Bernal '73

Athletic Hall of Fame
Gordy Welch '76

Col. (Ret.) Dale Walther


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An Association of Ankara Alumni
George C. Marshall Regional High School
Ankara American High School
Ankara American Educational Association

Welcome to the most comprehensive online resource for the DODD high school in Ankara, Turkey known as George C. Marshall Regional High School, Ankara American High School, Ankara American Educational Association and affectionately referred to as Ankara High School. We offer an invitation to students and faculty from 1950 to 2010.

For over sixteen years, we have been providing you with a way to connect with Ankara alumni. Ankara High School Connections is a continuation of, the first official web site for Ankara alumni and faculty, published to the Internet in January 1999. Connections is a collaboration of people who attended high school in Ankara, Turkey and the majority of those who were with continue to volunteer on Ankara High School Connections.

Since our launch on January 23, 2005, we’ve had over 122,000 visitors on the site and over 500,000 page loads. These large numbers have moved our ranking up on search engines allowing even more alumni to find us.

If this is your first time with us, please fill out a Full Registration. For more information, click on the DataBase Registry Icon to your right. From the Registry Search, you can locate over 2300 people listed on Connections and a safe way to make contact.

Here’s to many enjoyable Ankara connections throughout 2015. ~


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