Turkey Tour 2007

Anita Donohoe 66 had such a great time on her Turkey Tour 2006 that she decided to do it again in 2007. The tour begins on April 21, 2007 in Istanbul. From there, she will continue on to Troy, Canakkale, Bergama, Izmir, Ephesus, Kusadasi, Priene, Miletus, Didyma, Aphrodisias, Pamukkale, Konya, Cappadocia, Ankara, Eskisehir, Bursa and back to Istanbul. Enjoy her adventures below.

Thursday, April 19

Depart USA

Friday, April 20

Arrive Istanbul
Bridging the East and West, it was the city of Byzantium and Constantinople and finally Istanbul. A city much immortalized in art and literature in its antiquity, Istanbul today is a sprawling metropolis spread throughout the three major sections of the city. The old part of Istanbul is the city of Byzantium surrounded by the original city walls on one side, then by the Golden Horn on another and by the Sea of Marmara on the third side. The new modernized
section built at the end of the 19th century is the current business center of Istanbul. The final section is the Asian side, with its residential streets, separated from the European half by the Bosphorus.

Saturday, April 21

ITINERARY: Visit to the world famous Blue Mosque of the 16th century which is the symbol of Istanbul with its six minarets. View the cascading dome, tiles, and beautiful architecture. Walk through the Hippodrome where once chariots thundered and spectators cheered. See the Obelisk of Theodosius and Serpentine Column. The nearby Cistern of Justinian will also be visited. Also included is St. Sophia, which was the greatest sanctuary of its time. It was first used as a Greek Orthodox Church, then as a mosque by the Sultans. It was then converted to a museum.

A cruise on the Bosphorus along the Asian and European shores. See the summer homes and palaces, and wooden houses from the 18th century along this 19-mile strait.

More Istanbul

Sunday, April 22

ITINERARY: Morning departure for Troy and Canakkale As you drive towards the Aegean you’ll visit the legendary Troy of Honor, one of the oldest sites in the world. See the symbolic Wooden Horse and the remains of the Trojan settlements in nine major Archeological layers of the Citadel. Dinner and overnight in Canakkale.

Road To Troy

Monday, April 23

ITINERARY: Driving south this morning visit the archaeological site of Pergamum built on three terraces beautifully laid out. Its Acropolis was the summit of a conical hill, about 900 feet above sea level, crowded with magnificent temples of Dionysus and Athena, and the great open altar to Zeus, one of the architectural and sculptural wonders of the ancient world.

Will visit, Asklepion, Medical Center of the ancient world where the first psychological treatment had been used and which was dedicated to the God of Health, Asklepios.

Road to Pergamum

Tuesday, April 24

ITINERARY: A day to discover the Ionian cities in the Kusadasi
area. Drive to the ancient site of Priene located on a lonely rock terrace on Mt. Mykale. From there continue to Miletos, once a prosperous port city and home of the philosopher Thales. Then visit Apollo Temple in Didyma.


Wednesday, April 25

ITINERARY: Today you’ll visit Ephesus, a microcosm of Turkey’s cultural wealth. Known for the abundance and quality of its Greco-Roman remains, even these antiquated structures are recent additions to an illustrious past. Relics found in Ephesus date its existence at least to 3000 BC. Visit the ancient city of Ephesus, the Museum and the Basilica of St John.


Rug Shopping

Thursday, April 26
Aphrodisias, Pamukkale

ITINERARY: On to Aphrodisias, the city of Aphrodite and an ancient center of sculpture and art. Tour the Odeon, theater, baths, local museum, and the ancient stadium. Drive on for Pamukkale, the “cotton castle” so named because of limestone hot springs and spectacular white rock formations. During your stay visit the ancient Roman city of Hierapolis with its theater, baths and necropolis.

Road To Aphrodisias

Friday, April 27
Konya, Cappadocia

ITINERARY: Depart for the former Selcuk capital of Konya. Konya stands alone in the center of the vast Anatolian steppe and is a traditional caravan stopping-place. Visit the Mausoleum of Mevlana,, the Ince Minare and Karatay Medrese Islamic Theological Schools.

This afternoon drive north to the land of Cappadocia and its seemingly desolate landscape. This region was first settled by ancient people, then by Romans, Christians, Byzantines and the Seljuks.



Saturday, April 28

ITINERARY: Today explore the magical land of Cappadocia. Explore the different ways in which Cappadocian rock has been utilized by man; from the ancient villages of Uchisar and Zelve to the rock carved churches of Goreme decorated with frescos dating from the 8th century. Enjoy shopping for pottery, weaving, and onyx in the region. Finish the day at Ouranos, a nightclub carved into the mountain.

More Cappadocia
Ouranos Nightclub

Sunday, April 29
On the road to Ankara

ITINERARY: Start the drive to Ankara with a visit to Ortahisar and Sinasos village. Then the Kaymakli underground city where 7th century Christians built underground cities where they were able to live undetected for months at a time. Later this afternoon continue your journey north to Ankara, the modern capital of Turkey.

Chez Galip
Road To Ankara

Monday, April 30

ITINERARY: During your time in Ankara, a trip to the school as well as a visit to the remarkable Museum of Anatolian Civilizations. Relics from Neolithic times to advanced bronze age cultures are beautifully displayed. Erdal “Mike” Bargut has offered to take us sightseeing in his van.

The School - GCM

Tuesday, May 1

ITINERARY: Bursa was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire and, in a real sense, the birthplace of Turkish culture. Visit the Ulu Mosque, the tombs of Sultans, the Green Mosque and silk shopping in the bazaar. In the afternoon continue to Yalova and then ferry to Istanbul.

Ulu Cami
Silk Bazaar
Green Mosque

Wednesday, May 2

ITINERARY: A visit to Topkapi Palace, the home of the Sultans for almost four centuries. See the world's largest Chinese porcelain collection; the kitchens of the palace; Imperial Gardens; library; Throne Room and the Treasury of the Empire.

More Information: Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace
More Topkapi Palace

Thursday, May 3

ITINERARY: On the last day, visit Kariye Museum, the Spice Market and enjoy dinner at the home of Maria Yarbrough 72.

Kariye Museum
Spice Market
More Spice Market
Dinner At Maria's

Friday, May 4

Depart USA


“For two weeks, we touched the sights, sounds, fragrances and tastes of Turkey.”

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