Ankara Trojan's Road Trip
Branson, MO

July 18-21, 2008

With some encouragement from Dwight Hainley 72, Dave Gilland 73 organized this mini reunion. About 25 people were able to attend throughout the weekend. Harleys and the promise of golf and good friends drew this crowd. And Dave delivered.

Lyn Lancaster 79, Dave Gilland 73
Chuck Lucia 74, and his wife Kathy, celebrating
their 25th Wedding Anniversary by pool.

Barbara Burch 73 traveled from Germany to attend this mini. After driving on the autobahn, this go cart was tame to Babs.


Ken Sussel 75 getting ready to drink and dialing Carol Baker 73. The call to Carol went on a long time as the mobile was passed around the group by the pool.

Susan Hainley & David Landolt, Tim Gifford 76, Dave Gilland 73, Deenise Bryant 74 & Dwight Hainley 72

Standing: Ken Sussel 75; Tim Unrath 76; Lyn Lancaster 79; Don Pierce 76; Tim Gifford 76; Tom Unrath 73; Harvey Welch 73; Suellyn Nanney Fry 60
Sitting: Anita Donohoe 66; Dave Gilland 73; Chuck Lucia 74; Susan Curran 72; Gordy Welch 76


Left: Gordy Welch 76, "pretty in pink" acknowledging his support of breast cancer awareness.

Harvey Welch 73, Chuck Lucia 74, Tim Unrath 76 and Ken Sussel 75
waiting to tee off.

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