Dallas, Texas
Intercontinental Hotel 2005
Brats: Our Journey Home

Saturday afternoon provided reunion attendees a viewing of "Brats: Our Journey Home." This is a movie about children who grew up in military families and has been created from over 500 interviews with brats from all branches of the services, integrated with rare archival footage, home movies from post-war Japan and pre-war Vietnam. It also included never-before-seen photographs from private sources.

"BRATS" is a six-year work of passion by independent filmmaker Donna Musil. Donna, an Army brat herself, was available for questions after the viewing of the film. It was the perfect end to a unique opportunity.

~ Yes, the movie was about all of us and the beauty is that we watched it together and laughed together and cried together. I sure understand my quirks better. It was beautiful to sit in that room and watch the movie and know everyone understood. No explaining to do.

~ We are ONE. Different walks of life. Different personalities. Different all together but we still are ONE! ... It was wonderful to have someone bring it to life.

"I am completely overwhelmed by your response. I think I was actually in shock in Dallas, when 400 people at an Ankara High School reunion gave the film a standing ovation. Folks were laughing and crying and later told me they were talking about things they had never talked about - connecting in ways they had never connected."

~Donna Musil
Brats: Our Journey Home

Below, find alumni enjoying the movie.
Our thanks to Mike Morrison 64 and Dixie Pipkin (Foote) 64 , for these photos.
Gary Kunselman 69, Kathy Vogel 65, Pat Batt 67, ?
Second Row: Kathy Curry 66, Greg Cooke 65, Mark Fortune 65
Front Row: Sam "Holly" Jackson 62, Judy Jackson, Donni Shields 65, Brad Gebert 65
Brian Gaquin 70, Nancy Bilderback (Fleishhauer) 70
Mike Morrison 64, Judy Scholes 64, Bill Wilson 64, Roy Cabler (husband of Jodi Bennett (Cabler) 64
Jeanne Harris (Kidder) 64, Jodi Bennett (Cabler) 64
Dixie Pipkin (Foote) 64, Anita Donohoe 66, Jill Park (Doyle) 71, Nancy Sheridan (Kralik) 71
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