Dallas, Texas
Intercontinental Hotel 2005
Istanbul Group

Members of the Istanbul contingent had a mini at the hotel, Suite 1540. We numbered thirty. One of our former teachers, Ike Gaskin, attended the reunion, making it a very special event on top of everything else.

Ellen Rosell Vroom, Rob Keith, Jim DeAngelo, Matt Adams, David Vroom and Greg Cooke and I were the Istanbul/Ankara alumni who attended. I think there may have been a few more, not sure.

It was great to connect with some people I hadn't seen in over forty years and to me, this reunion was the best so far. The movie was a highlight, as were the belly dancers and the Turkish food. Lunch at the Turkish restaurant was a sight to behold on Saturday, as big groups of alumni kept arriving, waiting for a chance to eat doner and other favorite dishes. The people at the restaurant managed to feed all of us and had probably never had so many people show up for a meal at one time!

The weekend passed too quickly and I didn't get a chance to say hi to all the people I wanted to, but I will treasure the time we had and the memories will last a long time.

Melissa Miller'68

Dave Vroom 67, Ike Gaskin

Jim Booth, Sue Booth, John Galligan

Janet Winston, Jim DeAngelo 69, Nancy Winston
John Galligan, Jim DeAngelo 69
Peter Vroom, Ellen Vroom 65, Becky Jung, Jim DeAngelo 69, Rob Keith 67
Istanbul Group

Front Row: Ike Gaskin, Becky Jung, Jim Booth
Second Row: Nancy Winston, Sue Booth, Melissa Miller 68, John Galligan, Janet Winston
Back Row (partially hidden): Jim DeAngelo 69, Rob Keith 67, Dave Vroom 67

Pete Vroom and Greg Cooke looking at the old Turkish shoe box in the "Istanbul Suite."

Saturday Evening