Bernd "Ben" Phillippy


On May 6, 2006 Ben Phillipy disappeared from his home in San Marcos, Texas. Roommate, Paul Kuttner 69, realized something was wrong when four days later, Ben had not returned.

After an anonymous tip, family, friends and San Antonio's Canine and Equine Search and Rescue Team along with Members from the Gonzales Chapter searched Don's Fish Camp in Martindale. They searched at least 2 miles in both direction without success.

On March 19, 2011, a skull was found along the Blanco River. Initial speculation was that it could be a women swept away in flash floodwaters or Ben. December 2011 results found that the skull matched Laurie Pineda.

San Marcos Police Crpl. Kathy Misiaszek said the longer Ben is missing, the harder it will be to close this case.

Ben is still considered a missing person and the case is open.

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