May 2004

The smiles on the faces of these three friends illustrate what Ankara mini reunions are all about.
Peggy Bryant 65, Steve Reich 62, Ginger Wilson 65
Standing in front of Country Pine Lodge. It was referred to as the Big House since that’s where we’d gather until the wee hours of the morning.  The Cook’s cabin was on the hill directly across the lane.
Ray Breazeale 6,; Bill Allen 65, John Thomson 65, Dana Crabill 65
Laughter was non-stop so it was a good thing this group was isolated.
Rich Farley 65, Anita Donohoe 66, Ray Breazeale 65
Class of 1964
Clockwise, starting from
the left:
Diane Long 64, Mike Wolfe 64, John Haracivet 64, Bill Wilson 64, Evelyn Cook, Dave Dick 64, Judy Scholes 64, Mike Morrison 64, Kaye Wozniak 64
The Cooks invited everyone to their cabin for wine and cheese.
Looking at the yearbook:
Judy Kenyon 67, Betsy Herrmann 67, Bob Allen 66, Wanda Walters 66

Mrs. Cook* having a great time with her former students.  She is talking to Mike Morrison while everyone listens.
Carolyn Cregger 65, Kathleen Curry 66,
Evelyn "Mrs" Cook,
Steve Reich 62,
Mike Morrison 64,
Mike Wolfe 64

*Be sure to read Mrs. Cook's letter about the importance re-connecting.

Leaning over the balcony of the Cook's cabin are:
Steve Reich 62, Ed Cook, Rich Farley 65, Ray Breazeale 65, Anita Donohoe 66, Brian Gaquin 70, John Haracivit 64, Merri Scheibe 65, Bob Allen 66, Carolyn Cregger 65, Janice Allen
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