A La Turca Restaurant
July 9, 2006

On Sunday, July 9, 2006 a group met at the A La Turca in San Francisco for lunch. They visited over a feast of Turkish delights such as eggplant salad, doner and iskender kebab, pide and Efes beer.


Joe Donohoe 60,
Bobbie Adkison (Croucher) 63
Bonnie Moran;
Melissa Miller 68;
Kris Wirt (Koenig) 64;
Christine Grabitzky;
Jerry Moran;
Gigi Watson (Levy) 67
Melissa Miller 68;
Kris Wirt (Koenig) 64

Wendi Crabill (Felson) 67;
Christine Grabitzky;
Larry Felson

Janis Lieberman 68;
Larry Felson

Gigi Watson (Levy) 67;
The Waitress;
Art Walton 60
Mrs. Sherrer:
Lena Sherrer (Johnson) 79
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