The 6th Annual York River, VA Mini

The alumni below have made a point of getting together multiple times each year. They alternate their reunions between the homes of Blue Brown '66 and Bud Richards '67 and have managed to organize 12 "min's" in seven years. It is inspiring to realize these friendships are almost five decades old.

At the first reunion in May 2006, Wil, who is a lawyer, started keeping a journal. Entrees have been made in the journal at every mini, so there is an accounting history of all meetings which includes jokes, pictures and lots of tidsbits that are funny to read each time they meet. "So, barbequing, drinking some beer, telling jokes, playing poker and making journal entrees, it's been lots of fun," according to Bud.

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My personal favorite is Blue's Birthday Bash 2011 or "Bow to the Puzzle Ring King" video where Bud's talents are documented.

Wil Drake '67; Lance Haynes '65; Pat Batt '67; Jim Poag '67; Blu Brown '66

Jim Poag '67; Pat Batt '67; Wil Drake '67; Blu Brown' 66; Bud Richards '67

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