The Bosphor0us Restaurant
March 2005
A few Ankara alumni met for a Turkish feast at The Bosphorous, a new Orlando restaurant. Susan found The Bosphorous, DeAnn put out the call, and Gordy and Deenise brought their cameras.
Sherie Klingensmith (McTigue) 76,
Aurora (DeAnn'sdaughter),
Harvey Welch 73,
Brittany (Harvey's Daughter),
DeAnn Spratt 76,
Gordy Welch 76,
Susan Curran 72,
Deenise Bryant (West) 74
Deenise Bryant (West) 74,
Lee Ann Freeman 76,
DeAnn Spratt 76
Harvey Welch 73
with an Efes beer
Harvey Welch 73,
Sherie Klingensmith (McTigue) 76
Gordy Welch 76,
Lee Ann Freeman 76
Bosphorous June 2005