The Bosphorous Restaurant
June 2005
The second mini at the Bosphorous restaurant was a success. Anita Donohoe 66 gave each of the 20 attendees an evil eye bead before they sat at the long table for a seven course feast. Anita had pre-ordered and they had freshly made pide, cigar borek, dolma, cacik salads, patlican, stuffed pide, grilled meats, Kavaklidere wine, Efes beer and delicious baklava while they visited with each other. Class years ranged from 53-76. This mini was the first time for some of the guests to reconnect with Ankara.
Sally Vangsness (Gorham) 60 & Bob
standing in front of the Bosphorous

Lee Ann Freeman 76; Tom Unrath 73; Deenise Bryant(West) 74; DeAnn Spratt 76; Lois Ammerman (Long) 70; Doug Magrath 67; Anita Donohoe 66; Susan Kruger (Violland) 62; Bud Devine 61

Susan Curran 72; Marianne Kurek (Sinclair) 53; Sally Vangsness (Gorham) 60; Gail Sees (Dager) 61; BJo Allen (Accordino) 68

(photo by Susan Kruger (Violland) 62)

Meze, the beginning of the feast.
More feasting.
Marianne Kurek (Sinclair) 53;
Sally Vangsness (Gorham) 60

Doug Magrath 67 brought photos from his recent trip back to Turkey

Deenise Bryant (West) 74;
Tom Unrath 73;
DeAnn Spratt 76;
Susan Curran 72;
Lee Ann Freeman 76

Bud Devine 61;
Doug Magrath 67;
Lois Ammerman (Long) 70

(photo by Sally Vangsness (Gorham) 60)

Las Vegas 2005, Miscellaneous