The Bosphorous Restaurant
January 7, 2006
Alumni in the Orlando area are making the Bosphorous their favorite place for a mini. Several met for a surprise 40th birthday party for Jeff Ferguson. Tului Knutson and his fiance, Jennifer flew in from Virginia; Tony Ferguson and his wife drove over from Lakeland; Robert Miller drove over from Tampa; Jenna Ferguson, her husband Anthony and their son Nicholas along with her sister Marlena drove over from the Tampa area. "It was a great evening," according to Jayme Crehan, "and we spent quite a bit of time reminiscing about the time were spent at AHS."
Jeff Ferguson 84,
Jayme Crehan (Nichols) 87

Jeff Ferguson 84, Tony Ferguson 86, Jayme Crehan (Nichols) 87, Tului Knutson 85 and Robert Miller 85.

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