A La Turca Restaurant
March 19, 2006

On Sunday, March 2006 a group of twenty met at the A La Turca in San Francisco for lunch. Melissa Miller 68 was instrumental in gathering this group and used our Registry Search to contact alumni who live in the Bay Area.

A basket of sliced flat bread serves as a greeting at this informal restaurant. Use the bread to swab up the restaurant's combination platter. The assortment is colorful, with ruddy spoonfuls of ezme, a coarsely chopped paste of roasted bell pepper, tomato, onions and walnuts; tightly wound stuffed grape leaves; smoky baba ghanoush; olive-colored eggplant salad; and boiled brown beans, barbunya pilaki, cooked with diced potatoes and carrots in a dark tomato sauce.

The platter could be a meal in itself, but save room for one of the homey entrees like adana kebab, a long ribbon of highly seasoned minced lamb served atop plump kernels of steamed rice and garnished with a dressed green salad; or a frequent special, izmir kofte, small, football-shaped meatballs made with finely ground meat and baked with potatoes in a light tomato sauce.

Janis Lieberman 68,
Anita Donohoe 66,
Melissa Miller 68
Sally Turner (Olson) 69,
Bea Fanning 76,
Robert (Lori's fiance),
Lori Price (Dodge) 76
John Batt 63,
Sally Turner (Olson) 69

Wendi Crabill (Felson) 67

Art Walton 60,
Anita Donohoe 66,
Joe Donohoe 60

Full list of attendees:
John Batt 63, Wendi Crabill (Felson) 67 & her husband Larry, Dave Dick 64 & Buttercup, Anita Donohoe 66, Bea Fanning 76, Christine Grabitsky (Anita’s friend, a travel agent working with her on the Turkey Tour), Janis Lieberman 68, Ned Ludlow 67 & Linda, Priscilla Meyers, (Wendi's friend who is coming on the Turkey Tour), Melissa Miller 68, Bonnie & Jerry Moran (Wendi's friends who are coming on the Turkey Tour), George Patterson (Anita's local friend), Lori Price (Dodge) 76 & her fiance Robert, Sally Turner (Olson) 68, Art Walton 60, Joe Donohoe 60 and his friend Jeffery Brooks.

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