July 16, 2005
We consider ourselves fortunate when we have an opportunity to spend time with alumni who shared our experience in Turkey. Several alumni took time out of their busy schedules to provide special goodies for this reunion.
Since many of us had never met before, or it had been a long time since we had seen one other, Donna Brown (Hensley) 68 was kind enough to design and make buttons for everyone who attended the reunion.
We were, after all, in Las Vegas, so Anita Donohoe 66 decided we each needed an evil eye bead to watch over us.

Mary Ellen Sanchez (Melei) 67 brought Turkish slipper earrings for all the ladies. Each was wrapped in a beautiful satin bag tied with ribbon.
Each earring had a different colored stone at the tip of the shoe. In this picture, you can see Anita Donohoe choosing her favorite color from Mary Ellen's stash.
Pat "Turk" Kornegay 67 brought bags from the radio station he works at filled with shirts, buttons and other fun stuff.
Reatha Brereton (Conte) 72 knew how hot it would be in Las Vegas so she gave everyone a squirt bottle that had a fan. As you can see below, everyone put them to good use.
Pictured left to right:
Reatha Brereton (Conte) 72
Bud Richards 67,
Bud's brother-in-law, John,
Kathy Vogel '65,
Phyllis Gray (Connelly) 67,
Sue Heick (Doltz) 6

The dance on Saturday night at Steven David's ended up being hot due to all our dancing. The "spritzers" came in very handy.

Shiela Weaver (Kenney) 67

Okay! So some people had more fun than others with the "spritzers." But you need to remember, it was really, really .... really hot.

Jill Park (Doyle) 71
Bob Boyle 68



Shiela Weaver (Kenney) 67 provided everyone attending the reunion with a Memory Book. It included an itinerary of the weekend as well as pictures of attendees taken from the high school yearbooks. Shiela is the webmistress for


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