Summer 1998
Beach House

The summer of 1998 brought approximately twenty-five George C. Marshall High School alumni and family members together for this mini-reunion in Pensacola, Florida . Steve Northcutt '73 hosted the event at his family's beach house with the assistance of Carol Baker (Dawson) '73.

Carol Baker said, "Most of us who attended the reunion knew each other in high school. For a few of the alumni, this was an initial introduction, since our time in Turkey did not overlap. Through these reunions we have become good friends. We've even had the opportunity to meet a few of the spouses. Now, they are part of our extended family."

Fred Jolowski '73, Kris Pederson '72, Kathy Pederson (spouse of Kris), Steve Northcutt '73

Beach'n it
Tim Gifford '76,
Dwight Hainley '72,
Mike Gifford '74,
Gini Gaylon (Hainley)'73,
Carol Baker (Dawson) '73
Beach'n it
Jolly Green Trojan Giants Jolly Green Trojan Giants
[5'9"] Carol Baker (Dawson) '73
[5'10"] Valorie Lyng ' 73
[5'11"] Paula Klingensmith
(Brightbill )'74
Having more fun
Doug Ingram '73
Mike Gifford '74
Harvey Welch '73
Susan Curran '72
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