January 1999

Dave Nanney '61, Anita Donohoe '66, Judy Scholes '64 and Sylvia Nanney '63
This spontaneous Ankara gathering took place in Phoenix, Arizona. Dave Nanney was visiting his sister Sylvia, from Haines, Alaska, for his annual dose of sunshine. Judy Scholes and Dave Dick had planned a vacation in Phoenix and invited Anita to join. While Dave climbed rocks and pondered golf, Judy and Anita played tourist around Phoenix, Scottsdale and Flagstaff.

Sylvia introduced this group to a Greek restaurant she frequents because the food is so good. Nice ambience, too. The owner, caught wind of the fact that this was an Ankara reunion of sorts, called for shots of ouzo all around, and stood by until all shots were drunk in celebration.

After the shots were consumed, Sylvia's 16 year old son proudly announced that he was the designated driver.

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