August 1998
Brunch at the Hyatt
Debbie Stuck (Crowe)'65,
Anita Donohoe '66
Larry Long '65
Iris (Dee's significant other)
Dee Tatum '65
Bob Edenfield '64
Suzi Hall '67
Andrei Saveskie '66

Reviewing yearbooks at the resort hotel hospitality room

Left to right:
Judy Scholes (Tiemann) '64
Gregor Saveski '66
Vicki Preston '65
Debbie Stuck (Crowe) '65


Left to right:
Merri Bird '66
Kathy Vogel (McNally) '65
Pat Batt '67
San Diego Harbor
Parade of boats
which included the
"Star of India"

Left to right:
Ray Breazeale '65
Bob Crowe
(Debbie Stuck's spouse)
Rich Farley '65

Visiting on Bob and Debbie's
home away from home.

Front row:
Vicki Preston '65
Gloria Morrison
Debbie Stuck (Crowe)'65

Back row:
Bob Crowe
Pat Batt '67

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