ABOUT US - January 2005

Jill Park
(Doyle) 71, Anita Donohoe 66, John Hainley 75 and Khan Klatt 90 are the founders of Connections. Together they have over 30 years of experience in providing various means and resources by which Ankara alumni can stay in touch.

While vacationing in Montana, Jill received a phone call from Anita. The discussion centered on the possibility of launching a new site for Ankara High School. These may not have been her exact words, but she said something like, "If you build it, they will come." More advanced functions were needed if a new site was published, and neither Jill or Anita had the background in writing technical computer scripts. Anita approached John Hainley, and he became the third founding member. Jill approached Khan, since he had worked on AnkaraReunion.com. Khan became our fourth and youngest founding member.

Connections is a unique alumni site. It represents over 50 class years of students from all 50 states and countries across the world. Their focus is on students that graduated from the school in Ankara as well as faculty.Connections is all-volunteer, several Trojans pooling resources and skills to keep you informed and encourage contact through online communications.

Jill, Anita, John and Khan recognized from the inception of Connections that they would need the help and cooperation of other alumni to be successful. Fortunately, many of the people that helped in the past were willing to participate in this project, and many new volunteers are involved. Please take the time to view the list of Trojans behind Connections.

Learn more about Jill, Anita, John and Khan below.

Hazel, Jill and Gus in Montana.

Jill Park (Doyle), 1971

" ... the minute I met these new friends there was an instant connection and a sense of coming home."


Jill has been a dental hygienist for 30 years and practices in Nevada. She and her husband, Scott do not have children. Instead, they share their home with Gus and Hazel, two poorly behaved English bulldogs. They split their time between Nevada and Montana.

Jill designed and maintained AnkaraReunion.com for more than five and a half years.

Letter from Jill

Anita Donohoe, 1966
Email Database, Monthly E-Mail Distribution, Editor

"The Ankara email list has always been a resource to reconnect and stay in touch."





Anita lives in California where she helps manage the family ranch. Rancho San Julian is a traditional working cattle ranch, wildlife preserve and a film location.

She has one daughter, Melina, who lives in Toronto with her husband Mike. She also has two step daughters; Maya lives in Portland; Kaliel lives in NYC.

Over the past ten years, Anita has devoted a great deal of her time and energy to help Ankara alumni stay connected. Her Ankara email list has grown from 40 to1600 addresses.

Letter from Anita


John Hainley, 1975
Technical scripting

"I realized just how much reconnecting with some old classmates meant to me."

John has been involved in computers since the early 90's and currently runs two computer businesses, MidCities Computer Consultants and Remote Backup Systems of Texas.  His passions include computers (imagine that!), golf, and his family.

John resides in Bedford, Texas with Roann, his spouse of 27 years. John and Roann have two children, Sandra (22) and Jeff (18).

John started a "My Family" Web site seven years ago in an effort to reconnect fellow students from his time at George C. Marshall Regional High School.

Letter from John




Khan Klatt, 1990
Technical script

Khan and his family have deep roots in Ankara and George C. Marshall High School. Khan attended kindergarten in Ankara, graduating from GCMHS in1990. His brother Kent, followed the same track, graduating in1988. His parents Armin and Nurten (Dumlu) Klatt taught for over 30 years from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Today, Khan's wife Christine and he reside in the Seattle area with their three cats. He works as a software engineering manager at a ".com" company in the Pacific Northwest. He and his wife make occasional trips back to Turkey, the last of which was September 2004, including a visit to GCMHS.

Khan designed and implemented, in his "spare time," our single-blind email Registry Search which you use to contact alumni.