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Ankara Reunion Attendees

There have been four major Ankara reunions; 1992, 1996, 2000 and 2005. These 3-day events have connected hundreds of alumni and faculty. Ankara Reunion 1992 was held at the Double Tree in Dallas, Texas. The hotel was filled to capacity with Ankara alumni. You couldn't walk down a hallway or ride an elevator without meeting someone who had attended school in Ankara.

355 students and 2 faculty enjoyed the first reunion. The students ranged from class years 1964 to 1974. They traveled from as far away as Greece, France and Germany while others were fortunate enough to have the reunion in their own backyard, Dallas, TX. The chart below breaks down the attendance by reunion year. Ankara Reunion 1996 had the highest attendance record with 372 students and 7 faculty.

Have you ever wondered which class year had the highest number of alumni able to attend the reunions? 1969 has the highest followed closely by 1970 with 80 students. The lowest class attendance is 1 student for classes 1953 and 1983. The chart below has the breakdown for each class.

A total of 892 students and 12 members of the faculty have been able to attend at least one of the four Ankara Reunions.

The table below directs you to lists of attendees by class year and faculty so you can see who has been fortunate enough to attend one of these reunions. We have also added a list for students who attended school in Istanbul since many of them attended school both in Ankara and Istanbul. In our Major Reunion Photographs section you will find links to over 100 photographs from the four major reunions. We hope you enjoy the images that capture the spirit of an Ankara reunion.

Ankara Reunion Attendees Directory
  1960 1970 1980
  1961 1971 1981
  1962 1972 1982
1953 1963 1973 1983
1954 1964 1974  
1955 1965 1975  
1956 1966 1976 Faculty
1957 1967 1977 Istanbul
1958 1968 1978  
1959 1969 1979