Ankara Reunion 2000

"I had a fabulous time. It was all completely magical - never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to connect with anyone from that far in my past. 32 years just melted away. My life is changed forever ..."
Gini Meissner '68
"Suite 2023, featuring Anita Donohoe and the I don't need no stinkin' sleep gang"
Jim DeAngelo '69, listing one of his favorite reunion things
Two Old Friends--
Rick Donohoe and Rich Biasetti, were best friends when they graduated from Ankara High School in 1962. Both joined the U.S Marines upon returning to the United States. In July 2000, they met for the first time in four decades in Texas.

"... the noise level. Normally, I shy from intense sounds. Not there. Not then. That noise was intoxicating. Addicting. I could not leave. I visited my room only 3 or 4 times ... The fact is, I even missed a very important phone call from a friend."
Jim Wilkinson '67

" The biggest mistake that I did that night was not to bring my video camera with me. I do not want to forget even one moment of that night."
Tuncay Babali, Turkish Vice Consul

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Vakur Gökdenizler, Consul General, was unable to attend Ankara Reunion 2000 but sent his deputy, Tuncay Babali. Read his thoughts about Turkish-US relations as well as his impression of the reunion in this letter.