LIFE EVENTS - Fourth Quarter 2006

You have provided us with positive feedback on this new section since its launch in September. "I liked that you added the bit about happenings in people's lives.  It's fun even if I don't know the people", wrote Carol Hoecker 71 (Souder).

Release Party

To mark the release of his CD, "Take A Chance," Marty Cohen 65 is having a party! If you will be in the Sacramento area on November 17th or 18th 2006, show up and give him some Trojan support! Learn how to order his CD at Brat Booty.

Marty Cohen & The Sidekicks
(Ken Rabiroff, Jeff Sears & James Stewart)
CD Release Party!

Friday, November 17th
Sacramento Brewing Co.

Saturday, November 18th
Stockmarket Lounge & Grill

Promotions & Work Related Accomplishments

Kudos To Teachers

Gary Dorough wrote us about his wife, Becky Adams 71:

"Becky is too modest to write, but as her proud husband of 30 years, I would like for her ’71 classmates to know that she has recently retired after teaching 3rd grade for 30 years and was recently honored by a high school honor graduate by naming Becky the most influential teacher in her life. She acknowledged that Becky turned her on to mathematics back in the 3rd grade. Kudos to all elementary teachers out there as they are seldom praised for student’s high school and post-secondary academic successes! "

"Life is good! She can now enjoy her well deserved retirement! We are anxious to hear about plans for another GCM Reunion. GO Trojans and GO BRATS!"

Becky is currently recovering from surgery and has a good prognosis.


Caren Miller wrote us recently and wanted to share a fun part of her life with us.When she sent her photograph, riding on Antelope Island with buffalo, we wanted to share it with you. "Snapshots" was born. If you have a fun or interesting photo, please send it to us.


Antelope Island, Great Salt Lake
Salt Lake City, UT

Caren Miller 70 was kind enough to share this picture. Caren's response when asked if we could post the photograph: I better start making up the beds because when everyone sees those buffalo, they'll want to riiiiidddee!

Animal Pics & Stories

Black's Bodacious Biscuits

Jill Park 71 (Doyle) and her husband Scott are proud of their 70-pound English bulldog, Gus. They have used his picture to create a postage stamp and Gus is the logo for a friend's line of dog biscuits.

Ferguson "Gus" Fearnaught

Athletic Pursuits

June 10, 2006 - Danskin Triathlon
Nancy Berkman 77, Chris Mathews 75 and Kathye Mathews 74

All three ladies finished "upright and with respectable times." Valorie Lyng 73 was their cheering section and "sherpa girl." She also did a great job of showing them around while they were in Austin, TX.


Bill Glover's 73 daughter, Vanessa, graduated from Radford University, Virginia on May 25, 2006. She graduated Magnum cum laude with a major in Theatre & Music.

Tom Unrath's 73 son, John, graduated from Valparaiso University in Indiana. He is headed for Queens College,Cambridge University, UK for a Masters in Religious Studies. He then plans to go on for a Doctorate in Psychology focusing on Faith Development. According to Tom, "Obviously got mom's brains!"

Harvey Welch’s 73 daughter, Brittany, graduated May 28, 2006.  She will be attending University of Illinois and is pre-med, with an emphasis on nutrition.

Liz Burch's 74 (Weber) daughter, Ally, graduated June 11, 2006.  She will be attending Denison.

Bil Ingram's 74 daughter, Eliza, just graduated from Huntsville High School and is headed off to the University of Mississippi.



Timmy Lee Pruett 71 is seen here proudly holding his beautiful granddaughter, Kaitlyn. The photograph was taken July 10, 2006


The Hardy family Rod 66,Wesley 67 and Toni 70 (Tengelsen) lost their father, Lt. Colonel Bennett G. Hardy on May 10, 2006.

The Hainley brothers, Dwight 72, Mark 73 and John 75 lost both parents within 33 days of one another this summer. Pat Hainley, their mother, died on June 28, 2006; their father, Col. D.C. Hainley, on July 31, 2006.

Lynn Hoskins 76 (Boughton) lost husband, Steve Boughton, on July 30, 2006. Steve died from acute myelogenous leukemia. "UCLA grad, dentist, musician, poet, athlete, husband, father and friend," wrote Lynn of her husband of almost 14 years.

• The Burch sisters, Barbara 73 and Liz 74 lost their mother, Irene Burch, on June 18, 2006. She served in the Army Air Corps during World War II as a flight nurse. She returned to active duty in 1946 and served in the Army of Occupation in Germany. She resigned her commission in 1955 to become an Air Force wife and mother. She leaves behind her husband of 52 years, William Burch and her daughters Barbara Franklin of Arlington, Virginia and Elizabeth Weber of Bethesda, Maryland.

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