Successful Reunion:

"What an absolutely wonderful time was had by all. Great to see old friends again and make new ones !!!!"

"When are we doing it again?!??!?! "

"I'm still overwhelmed by the weekend! "

"The reunion exceeded my expections 100 fold"

"Let's start planning for the next one! "

"I have memories to last a life time."


The reunion held in Las Vegas over the June 24th, 2000 weekend, was an absolute success! Approximately 70 people, representing classes from the early 1980's through the 1990's attended the reunion dinner, including a few spouses and significant others.

The days were filled with golfing, sight-seeing, and generally catching up with everyone.  Each night found people seeing shows, dancing in nightclubs, participating in dance-contests, meeting late-comers, and getting as little sleep as possible so as not to miss a thing.

Plans are already being discussed for another reunion. A sure sign that all who went to Las Vegas had a great time and that those who missed it are ready to join us for the next one.  Many smaller groups kindled deeper friendships and have mini-reunions planned for the near future.  And that is what an event like this is truly about - lasting friendships based on our common Ankara experience.

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