Ankara Reunion 2005
August 12-14, 2005
Dallas, Texas

We uploaded almost 50 photographs to the site during the reunion to share with those who were unable to attend. Our extensive collection includes over 100 photographs dating back to Ankara Reunion 1992.

It is always fun to visit Connections and enjoy the only comprehensive collection of photographs on the Internet of alumni connecting at micro, mini and major reunions.

The picture to your right shows Mike and Tim Gifford, at the reunion, enjoying our collection with some friends.

~ Friday Check In

~ Friday Afternoon

~ Friday Evening

~ Saturday Evening

~ Istanbul Group

~ Class Photos

~ Early Sixties

~ Mid-Sixties

~ The Seventies (aka Suite 1540)

~ Cafe Istanbul

~ Saturday Matinee - Brats: Our Journey Home

Reunion Reminiscing
By: Anita Donohoe '66

Thanks to the 400+ who attended and the organizers, the reunion in Dallas was an exhilarating celebration of our lives in Turkey.

I loved the hugs and watching startled eyes break into a smile when two old friends spotted each other. Those of you who couldn't be there were missed; you were in our thoughts.

Thursday evening, most of us hung out in the lounge. It was in the lobby, large, seating arranged in small sets with a bar at the end. We could see who was arriving while we greeted each other and joined in on conversations. There was lots of laughter and some were moved to tears from the emotional intensity.

Registration opened Friday with packets containing a name tag, schedule of events, a page about the Brats documentary, a directory, a t-shirt and a coffee mug. Groups grew during the day; some hung out in the various suites, others the lobby lounge and by the pool.

A band from the 70s played during the Friday night reception while we feasted on Turkish meze and visited with each other. One of my three brothers made a surprise appearance. This was his first reunion; he hasn't even attended a mini. He was grinning nonstop.

There was a Silent Auction for a few items: two small bronze sculptures by Tim Gifford 76; a round trip to Turkey; the stay at the hotel; a painting of Iris by Merri Scheibe Edwards 65.

The duplicates of yearbooks given to Ankara Alumni by the GCMSH school library were offered for sale at $5 each. The supply was sparse for years before 1980.

There was also a display of Operation Footlocker containing memorabilia from Military Brats and DOD schools.

Saturday found us wandering through the Turkish Bazaar, and the lone table with puzzle rings drew a constant crowd. People were learning how to puzzle them together for the rest of the reunion. You would see them in groups, heads bent, fingers working to put together new configurations. I think the 8-band style may have been the most difficult.

There were two showings Saturday afternoon of Donnas Musil's documentary, Brats: Our Journey Home, and she answered questions and responded to comments following each screening. Kris Kristofferson offered his participation and narrates the film. I went to the second screening; the film deeply touched us all and we gave her a standing ovation. For information about the film, visit their web site