LIFE EVENTS - First Quarter 2007

You will find a new section in our first e-dition of 2007. "Blast From The Past" was inspired by Jill Groce's submission of three old photographs. What's in your closet?

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Blast From The Past


Jill Groce 62 attended Ankara High School from 1958 - 1961. According to her, "I was going through my old snapshots when I saw my address change on the Ankara website. Maybe these pics will rattle some cages. Yes, I know who they are."

Do you?


Read Sally's comment.


Top: Jim Wilson 62
Left: Sally Vangsness 60
Third: Charles McBride 62

Engagement Announced

Ankara Connections

Kay Langley 75 recently accepted Tim Gifford's 76 marriage proposal. No date has been set for the wedding.

CD Releases

Find out more about these Brat CDs under Brat Booty.

Michael "Mojo" O'Brien 79
"My Own Reality Show"

Beatrice Fanning 76
"Winter Patterns"

Marty Cohen 65
"Take A Chance"

Fun Photos


Rancho San Julian, CA

This photo was taken by Anita Donohoe 66 during a Chevy photo shoot on the family ranch. According to Anita, "I've never seen a bunch of guys take so long to make a couple of trucks dirty."

Bees started swarming after water and some kind of powder were sprayed on two dirt bikes which were used as additional props. What were they using? Chocolate milk powder!

This is a photo of three bees in a bucket full of chocolate milk powder.

Job Related

Lt. Col. (Ret) Richard Unrath presented Tom Unrath 73 with his retirement certificate. Tom's dad swore him into the USAF 26 years ago. Tom was in the reserves and served 21 years on active duty as a chaplain.

Lt. Col. Richard Unrath
Tom Unrath 73


Mike, the son of Dave Small 61, is serving as a DOD civilian safety officer for the Marines at Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point, NC. Mike is a retired Marine.

Ken Sussel 75, took his last flight December 28, 2006 after 23 years of flying F-4s and F-15s for the Hawaii Air Guard.

Ken Sussel 75

Animal Pics & Stories

Ankara people really have a such a wonderful way of caring! ~~~Tracey Smith 69

On 28 November 2006, Glen Cernik 69, who flies for Continental Airlines, was able to hop a flight in Dallas and hand deliver a Boston Bull Dog puppy to Tracey Smith 69 in Louisville, Kentucky. This was an early Christmas gift orchestrated between Glen and his wife Mae (who breeds Boston Bulls) and Tracey's daughter, Alicia. Once the puppy "Glenna Mae" was delivered, Glen and Tracey had dinner with Phyllis Grey 67, who also lives in Louisville. What a connection!

Susan Borresen is second from the left.

Having horses while living outside the old city of Peshawar, West Pakistan (and thus attending Ankara H.S. in 1965) never prepared Susan Borresen 69 for landing in Montana where she breeds and trains Friesians and Friesian Crosses for a living.  In November 2006, Leendert Leopold, her 3-year old stud was shipped to Las Vegas for his first presentation at the International Friesian Show Horse Association's competiton.  

Leopold was entered in only six events, resulting in 4 Grand National Championships, and 2 Reserve National Championships.


Alan Haynes, the son of Eda Haynes 74, graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a PhD in Mathematics. His field is Number Theory. He graduated in August, but hisgraduation ceremony was December 9, 2006.

Gordy Welch's 76 daughter, GeNae', graduated December 16, 2006 from Southern Illinois University with a BS in Psychology.

GeNae' Victoria Juanita Patrice Welch
Gordy Welch



Eda Haynes 74 with her second grandchild, Melody Gloria Haynes. She was born November 11, 2006 and weighed in at 7 lbs. 8 oz. "She is a doll!"


Jill Park 71 (Doyle) lost her mother, Muriel Park, on February 1, 2007. "My mother was 84 years young when this picture was taken at her birthday last summer."

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