1st Quarter 2009

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- CD Release

"Starlit," the long-awaited CD of Steve Suber 68, has been published by Centaur Records, Inc. It will be available in stores soon but you can downloaded it at iTunes NOW. Type "Stephen Suber" into their search window.

Dr. Stephen Suber has been Professor of Music at Southeastern Louisiana University since 1982. His catalog includes accompanied songs and an assortment of choral works, even including a 32-part chorus which is the second track "Soleil" on the CD. The text is ancient Greek, Mesomede's "Hymn to the Sun". According to Steve, "It was recorded in Europe last May, and the recording is flawless, the performance almost better than what I can imagine in my mind's ear." Starlit CD Cover


This looks like an all American scene. However, these are the grandchildren of Sally Vangsness 60 and they are camping in the Aberdares in Kenya. According to Sally the "kids are engrossed in Western literature (Teeny Bop Mags)."


Roger Burgess, brother of John Burgess 65 and David Burgess 66 died March 3, 2009 at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C.
Obituary and Guest Book: The Republican

Yvonne Dibblee Donohoe 88, mother of Joe Donohoe 60, Rick Donohoe 62, Anita Donohoe 66 and Willy Donohoe 68, died peacefully Sunday, February 15, 2009 at her family's Rancho San Julian near Lompoc, after gradually failing due to a variety of chronic ailments over the last few years. She was a De la Guerra descendant and amateur archaeologist.

She was born 20 April 1920 in San Francisco to Wilson and Anita Dibblee (Anita Oreña). Through her parents, who were second cousins, she was doubly descended from Don Jose de la Guerra y Noriega, a Spanish-born nobleman who was comandante of the Presidio of Santa Barbara from 1815 to 1842.

Read full obituary.

Yvonne Dibblee Donohoe

Colonel Charles J. Zemple, father of Karon Zemple 64, Mary Ellen Zemple 66 and Janet Zemple 68, passed away peacefully on December 29th 2008, at his home.

According to Karen, "He won many commendations while he was in the Air Force, but I think he would most want to be remembered by the kids from Ankara as being a good father to his 5 daughters and willing to open his home to their friends. There was also a part of him that is most captured if you read the poem by John Gillespie Magee Jr. called "High Flight", this always brought tears to his eyes - my father had is feet firmly planted on the ground but there was always a part of him that "slipped the surly bonds of earth... And done a hundred things you have not dreamed of....". He was a good man and will be missed."

Mrs. Margaret Haynes passed away on December 10, 2008. She was a faculty member of George C. Marshall Regional High School from 1964 -1965. She is survived by her son, William "Lance" Haynes 65.

Mrs. Haynes's last words were "Live it up."

Mrs Haynes enjoying Florence in the 90s.