This page was inspired by an electronic newsletter that Susan Curran 72 sends out every three months to her classmates in the seventies. It's a great way to find out what has been happening to your friends. With her permission, we have adapted her wonderful concept on this page.

Let us know what is happening in your life. Do you have an animal tale, a wedding, a new grandchild or something to brag about that you would like to share? That's part of the fun. Come on, be creative!! Share your life with us. Contact us today.

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Captain Todd Konty 91 married Caroline Eaton in Sydney, Australia on February 10, 2007.

Animal Tales

Chris White 60 giving aloe vera juice to his horse to ease gastric pain.


Bobbie Adkison's 63 son, Alan, graduated from P51 (WW11 fighter aircraft) flying school. 

The P51 was built in 1944.  You sit behind a 12 cylinder 1500 horsepower engine with an 800 pound propeller rotating.  Alan said even with earplugs, headset and helmet on, the noise is deafening! 


Did you see Mitch Pileggi 70 April 26, 2007 on Gray's Anatomy.  He had, shall we say, an unusual medical problem.  If you missed it, catch the summer rerun or watch it now at The episode was entitled "Desire."

Bragging Rights

Jeffrey, son of Doug Ingram 73, has been hired to play the lead (Joe Boyd) in the Birmingham, AL production of "Damn Yankees." More information here.

Joel, son of Doug Ingram 73, will be the Captain in the Huntsville, AL production of "Secret Garden." More information here.

Laurel Womble, the niece of Bil Ingram 74 and Doug Ingram 73, is headed to the Miss Alabama pageant.

Kay Duncombe 62 and her seven grandchildren.


Shiela Weaver 67, webmistress of, welcomes granddaughter Kaylen Grace. She arrived on April 14, and weighted 7 lb. 3 oz.