This page was inspired by an electronic newsletter that Susan Curran 72 sends out every three months to her classmates in the seventies. It's a great way to find out what has been happening to your friends. With her permission, we have adapted her wonderful concept on this page.

Let us know what is happening in your life. Do you have an animal tale, a wedding, a new grandchild or something to brag about that you would like to share? That's part of the fun. Come on, be creative!! Share your life with us. Contact us today.

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World's Oldest Women Lives In Turkey

Halim Solmaz, a resident of Diyarbakir’s Besiri district, is purportedly 125 years old, which if true would make her the oldest known person on the face of the earth.
Today's Zaman.


Congratulations to Stephanie Duncan 96. Her twin girls were born on December 10, 2009.

Embarrassed Bull

Hazel, feeling cheap and used.


Share Your Life, Please!
You have left us no choice. None of you have supplied us with your "Life Events" so we are left to posting degrading photographs of our pets.

If you are an animal lover, please save the dignity of Hazel, the English bulldog of Jill Park 71, by sending us stories and photographs ASAP.

Cindi Gregory Retires From The National Archives

Cindi Gregory Fox 66 (Ankara 1960-63) retired from the National Archives at the end of December. Her retirement party was held on December 1.

Congratulations came in the form of personal letters from President Obama and from Chief Justice John Roberts. In the photo, she is receiving the letter from the Chief Justice from Gary Kemp, the Deputy Clerk of the United States Supreme Court.

  Gregory Award
Cindi and Deputy Clerk of the U.S. Supreme Court