2nd Quarter 2012

This page was inspired by an electronic newsletter that Susan Curran 72 sends out every three months to her classmates in the seventies. It's a great way to find out what has been happening to your friends. With her permission, we have adapted her wonderful concept on this page.

Let us know what is happening in your life. Do you have an animal tale, a wedding, a new grandchild or something to brag about that you would like to share? That's part of the fun. Come on, be creative!! Share your life with us. Contact us today.

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Bob Black, husband of Carolyn Black (Fac) passed away May 21, 2012. He served as president of the Parent-Teacher Association while stationed in Ankara in the mid-sixties. According to Carolyn, "I am putting my life back together, but would love to hear from some of my students."

Becky Adams '71 (Dorough) lost her mother, Elizabeth Adams, on March 28, 2012 after a six-year battle with cancer. Becky's father, Lt. Col. (RET) Henry Adams, was stationed in Ankara serving in the Joint U. S. Military Mission for AID to Turkey. Becky and her dad never left her mother's bedside for the last 6 weeks of her life. The Adams had been married 59 years.

Becky's husband, Gary, wanted us to know that "Becky would love to hear from her classmates during this time of bereavement."

JoAnn "Joey" Kula, Rabat, Morocco

JoAnn "Joey" Kula, mother of Toni '86 and Bret Kula '85, passed away on March 25, 2012. She fought a tough four-month battle with lung complications following a surgery to remove a tumor in her brain.

According to Toni her mother has been described as an unconventional woman who loved life. She became an author this past year with her book "Ticket to Tomorrow" which she co-authored with her best friend.

Instead of a memorial service,
the family spent time
visting Joey's favorite
places, including a walk
on the beach to leave
her name in the sand.

Joey was a retired Foreign Service secretary who joined in 1981. She served in Paris, Ankara, Rabat, Santiago, Riyadh and Asunción. After retiring in 1996, she served as a rehired annuitant in Malawi, Swaziland and Djibouti.