3rd Quarter 2012

Let us know what is happening in your life. Do you have an animal tale, a wedding, a new grandchild or something to brag about that you would like to share? That's part of the fun. Come on, be creative!! Share your life with us. Contact us today.

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Sixed Trio Receives ArtsLink Award
Janis Lieberman '68, member of Sierra Ensemble, announced that her group has received the ArtsLink Award. This grant allows the ensemble to collaborate in an amazing project at Bilgi University, Istanbul with the composer, Tolga Ozdemir.

Last year they commissioned Ozdemir to write a new work, "Chaopolis" for them. His piece combines traditional Turkish folk themes in a western classical idiom. Their CD featuring Turkish music will be coming out this Fall.

Sierra Ensemble will be touring in Turkey next year while working with Ozdemir and his students.


Bil Ingram '74 is very proud of daughter, Eliza on receiving her Master of Science in Speech Pathology. A single "B" in one class kept her from a perfect 4.0.



Carol Hoecker (Souder) '71 is enjoying her first grandchild. Saige Nichole arrived 13 days early and weighted 6 lbs, 8 oz.

She plans to spend one week a month visiting and wrote, "I am in love."

Carol gets to sleep through the night, but eagerly takes the morning shift.

Carol with granddaughter, Saige


Major General (RET) Kenneth Burns, father of Alison Burns (Heft) '81, passed away on June 9, 2012.

4th Quarter 2012