4th Quarter 2014

This page was inspired by an electronic newsletter that Susan Curran 72 sends out every three months to her classmates in the seventies. It's a great way to find out what has been happening to your friends. With her permission, we have adapted her wonderful concept on this page.

Let us know what is happening in your life. Do you have an animal tale, a wedding, a new grandchild or something to brag about that you would like to share? That's part of the fun. Come on, be creative!! Share your life with us. Contact us today.

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Athletic Hall of Fame

Gordy Welch '76


Gordy Welch '76 has been inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame at Carbondale Community High School in Illinois.

He lettered in tennis, golf, basketball and track. He was the first black player to letter in golf at CCHS and to his knowledge is still the only black male to letter in golf.

His long list of accomplishments is very impressive.


Carole Walther (Jakubczak) '60 lost her father Dale L. Walther, Colonel, United States Air Force (Ret.) on October 12, 2014.

According to Carole: "My father actually joined the Cavalry reserve in West Des Moines, IA and used to compete every week with Ronald Reagan in horse competitions. Daddy usually beat Reagan.

When Reagan became President, my father sent him this huge Congratulations card that said "Some people will do anything to get attention!" He came to Texas to find a job and worked in the oil fields for awhile and was called up into the U.S. Cavalry. They used to ride through the hills of Texas. Then he switched over to the Army Air Corp when that first formed and eventually became part of the U.S. Air Force."

Online Obituary.

  Dale Walther
Dale L. Walther
Colonel, USAF, (Ret.)